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PCP now available for new caravans

Black Horse have just launched Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) for caravans. This allows you to keep your monthly payments lower by deferring a significant portion of the amount of credit to the final payment at the end of the agreement. To do this you simply select the amount of your deposit, how long you wish the agreement to last and we then calculate the Guarantee Future Value (GFV) and your monthly payments.

At the end of the agreement you then have 3 options

1 Trade the caravan in for a new one.

2 Return the caravan and not pay the final lump sum.

3 Pay the final lump sum to own the caravan. 

PCP is a type of hire purchase agreement aimed at those customers that are more concerned with usership rather than ownership. Its allows you to keep your options open rather than being tied into a ten year finance agreement, especially if circumstances change .

"It may cost less than you think"

At Cookstown Caravans we offer tailored finance packages designed to suit your individual circumstances. Our experienced staff are always available to discuss your caravan funding options. Written finance quotations are available on request. We will take you through every finance option available and ensure that buying your caravan is simple and hassle free, but most importantly the best value!

This service is free and your finance package can be prepared and completed while you wait! Contact us today, and you could discover that your dream caravan may cost less than you think!